Mountain Man

Water Service

Hours of Operation

Delivery hours Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm

Saturday by appointment

Our Commitment...

Our commitment to our customers is to deliver the safest water, provide excellent customer service and the best prices.


Our smaller truck with a 2000 gallon tank. 

Dodge 5500

Our smallest truck with a 1000 gallon tank. Four Wheel drive to get where you need it and set up for cistern cleaning.

About Us

Mountain Man Water is a company that has been serving the bulk water delivery needs of the Four Corners for over 20 years! Dustin Killinen acquired the company in 2014 after working for the previous owners for one and a half years. Dustin is a certified Water Operator with the State of Colorado. Our business is a State of Colorado certified water system. We conduct regular testing on the water we deliver and test and maintain our equipment. Our procedures ensure we deliver the best and safest potable water.

Dustin, his wife Rachel and their family reside in Bayfield.

Western Star

Our largest truck with a 3000 gallon tank and the power to deliver it where you need it.