Scheduled Delivery

Up to 1000 gallons $85 flat fee then .085 cents per gallon.


Pay at the time of delivery and get a discounted rate to .08 cents per gallon!

Hot Tub Fill

$75 and up to 750 gallons

Cistern Cleaning

Call for a free, customized quote! Includes delivery of 1000 gallons of water.

Fuel/Mileage Charge

$15 and up, assessed when delivery is 15 miles or more from the nearest water station. Fee added to water delivery.

Chain up Fee

$50 assessed if chains are necessary to get to your location.

Same Day Service Call

$50 fee added to water delivery.

After Hours/Emergency Fee

$125 fee added to water delivery.

Truck on Location

$100 per hour to have water truck on location for a period of time.

General Hourly Labor Fee

$60 per hour assessed if driver has to do additional labor (i.e. dig out or shovel snow).

Returned Check Fee


We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express!

Mountain Man

Water Service